Women’s Beginner Knee Push Up Fitness Exercise


This routine is for the ladies who are just starting out in fitness and are looking for a fun way to develop some muscle tone, shape, and upper body strength. And because I always preach fitness should be fun and simple, it should also be progressive and safe. Meaning you start with knee push ups and then move onto regular push ups. If you have already visited the push up introductory video section of my site, you are already aware technique and form are everything. Doing a proper push up so that you are using proper muscle fiber (shoulders, chest and triceps) and not irritating your shoulder and elbow joints is key.

And so in this push up training routine we start with beginner basic knee push ups while playing a fun game called 21’s where we start with 6 push ups, then 5, to 4 all the way down to 1! Why? To help you develop both confidence as well as muscular endurance. As you improve and are able to do multiple sets, start doing push ups off of a bench working your way down to the floor.

Some key suggestions in aiding you in your ability to do proper push ups are: don’t give up, improve your nutrition intake, give your body time to recover before doing your next push up routine, and do both core and lower body training routines on other days of the week to supplement your training.

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